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What is an order of protection?

When a person is accused of a domestic violence crime, they are going to face serious consequences. Not only are you going to face legal penalties, but there are also severe social stigmas that will follow you for years to down the road. Many times, a victim of domestic violence will obtain an order of protection for their safety to avoid becoming the victim of abuse again.

There are two different types of protection orders; temporary and final. They serve to keep the abuser away from the victim and the victim’s family so they cannot commit any acts of violence again. These orders remove all contact between the two parties. The abuser is not allowed to go to the home or place of employment of the person they have committed violence against. The judge will determine how long the orders of protection should be set in place for and whether or not the order should be temporary or permanent.

If an order of protection is permanent or final, it follows the same guidelines as the temporary order as well as other provisions that must be followed. These provisions vary depending on the situation and what the judge rules. The person who was found guilty of domestic violence may be responsible for covering the legal fees of the victim, provide payment in the form of child support and spousal support. In addition, the court may also rule that the defendant must provide the victim with a means of transportation if they don’t already have their own car.

Of course, the judge will rule based on each individual situation but these are just some of the possible ramifications of being convicted of domestic abuse. If you have questions about your case, contact an experienced criminal offense attorney today.

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