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What Should I Do if I’m Under a Federal Criminal Investigation?

You have just found out you are the subject of a federal criminal investigation. You will need the help of a skilled Alabama criminal attorney to help expertly navigate the road ahead.  Now is not the time to hesitate and see what happens. You likely will be arrested, then indicted. Your attorney will help with […]

What Gives the Police Probable Cause to Search my Car?

When you get behind the wheel in Alabama, you want to understand the road rules and how to react if you encounter law enforcement. It is far better to understand your rights in advance of this encounter.Criminal defense attorney Jason Darley has counseled countless individuals who’ve had their rights violated when they are behind the […]

Will a DUI Jeopardize my Legal Immigration Status in the US?

immigrants and dui

Being charged with a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in Mobile will have serious consequences for any driver. Alabama does not treat driving intoxicated lightly.  We know from federal statistics that close to one-third of all motor vehicle fatalities were attributed to drunk driving in 2015. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports 10,000 […]

Will a DUI Prevent Me from Getting a Security Clearance?

dui and security clearances

Whether a government job, working for TSA, joining the military, NASA, working for a contractor, or even the IRS, you will be required to obtain and maintain a security clearance as a condition of employment. A security clearance not only assures the employer you are a solid citizen, but the government or agency wants to […]

Drinking and Driving During the Holidays

drinking and driving during the holidays

The holidays are a festive time to share your joys with your loved ones, but merriment of the occasion does not give you the license to drink and drive. Alabama law enforcement agencies are extra vigilant during the days around the Christmas and New Year, but unfortunately the highest number of drinking and driving incidents […]

What are Your Rights if you are Pulled Over for DUI in Alabama?

what are your rights if you are pulled over for dui

You see the light of a police officer in your rear-view mirror. Yes, you had a cocktail or two, but you are only buzzed, not drunk, so what’s the problem? Being stopped by an officer when you have been drinking is frightening and potentially life-changing if you do not know your rights. But for now, […]

Do Car Accidents Increase in the Summer?

car accident attorney

Whether you are planning a road trip this summer or sticking close to home, you run a higher risk of being injured in a car accident if you are on the road during this peak season. These dangerous accidents can also come with some expensive traffic citations. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports […]

Dangers of Driving on the 4th of July

driving on 4th of july

You might want to think twice before you get behind the wheel of a car on the 4th of July. Statistics show that this can be one of the most dangerous days of the year to travel, even a short distance. Each year on Independence Day, people get together to celebrate, and this can pose […]

Does Jail Time Actually Help Juvenile Criminals?

juvenile detention lawyer

It makes sense to want to teach a young person a lesson when they’ve done something wrong, but is there a limit? Some states are creating harsher penalties to prevent these youth from becoming repeat offenders, but is this approach creating the desired outcome in the lives of these young people when they grow up? […]

Combating Drunk Driving Accidents in Alabama

drunk driving accident

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Alabama is above the national average when it comes to deaths caused by drunk driving. This is true for all age categories maintained by the CDC, including birth to age 20, age 21 to 34, and over age 35, as well as all age groups overall. While […]

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