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How Does the Use of Technology in Law Enforcement Impact Criminal Defense Strategies?

Law Enforcement Criminal Defense

Law enforcement technology has come a long way from police radios, introduced in the 1930s, which revolutionized the effectiveness of dispatching officers to the scene. Fast forward to today. DNA analysis, surveillance software, facial recognition technology, and data-driven approaches target areas where crime is likely. However, technology opens new areas for challenging a prosecutor’s case […]

Analyzing the Constitutionality of Using Facial Recognition Technology in Law Enforcement

Facial Recognition Technology

The U.S. Constitution is the fundamental charter of the United States government. It serves as a reminder that the government exists to serve its citizens. The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution protects an individual from unreasonable search or seizure. Under the Fourth Amendment, we enjoy a reasonable expectation of privacy. However, as technology advances, the […]

Signs That You Might be the Target of a Criminal Investigation

criminal investigation

The first clue that you are being investigated might come when law enforcement shows up at your home to ask you some questions. It does not always have to be that overt. You may notice cars parked outside your home, you may receive an odd phone call, you may hear someone was looking into your […]

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