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The Differences Between Misdemeanors and Felonies in Alabama

Misdemeanor criminal defense

You are ahead of the game if you have never dealt with the legal system. But if you are facing criminal charges, understand they are categorized in one of three ways – a felony, a misdemeanor, and a violation. That category will profoundly impact the severity of punishment. A felony means you go to prison […]

The Benefits of Hiring an Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyer Early in Your Case

Criminal Defense Lawyer, Alabama

If you are facing criminal charges in Mobile, Alabama, this is likely a frightening and confusing time. You may be confused about the legal process. Any wrong move may be irreversible. Because you have so many questions, the sooner you hire an Alabama criminal defense attorney, the better the chances you have for a favorable […]

The Role of Expert Witnesses in a Criminal Defense Case

Expert Witnesses in Criminal Defense

Hiring expert witnesses in a criminal defense case can make the difference between winning or losing your case. Assume your jurors are not experts in the alleged criminal activity before the court. An expert can help unravel scientific, technical, and medical issues so the jurors can more easily understand the issues at hand. Under Alabama […]

How Does Social Media and Digital Evidence Impact Criminal Defense Strategies?

Twenty years ago, social media was in its infancy. MySpace, launched in 2003, was the first social media platform; three years later, Facebook was founded and would soon exceed the number of Myspace users.  With Facebook, social networking connects people who share data. In the past two decades, people now connect to others through a […]

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