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The Benefits of Hiring an Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyer Early in Your Case

Criminal Defense Lawyer, Alabama

If you are facing criminal charges in Mobile, Alabama, this is likely a frightening and confusing time. You may be confused about the legal process. Any wrong move may be irreversible. Because you have so many questions, the sooner you hire an Alabama criminal defense attorney, the better the chances you have for a favorable […]

How Does the Use of Technology in Law Enforcement Impact Criminal Defense Strategies?

Law Enforcement Criminal Defense

Law enforcement technology has come a long way from police radios, introduced in the 1930s, which revolutionized the effectiveness of dispatching officers to the scene. Fast forward to today. DNA analysis, surveillance software, facial recognition technology, and data-driven approaches target areas where crime is likely. However, technology opens new areas for challenging a prosecutor’s case […]

What Do I look For in a Criminal Attorney?

criminal attorney

When you’re charged with a crime in Alabama, your very freedom is at stake. This is one time when you can’t afford to accept representation from an inexperienced criminal attorney. You also don’t want to get lost in the crowd of a large legal firm representing both criminal and civil manners. That’s why working with […]

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