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DUI on Spring Break

Pulled Over for DUI on Spring Break: Choosing the Right DUI Lawyer

When young adults, and even those not quite old enough to drink, get a short break from school, many take the opportunity to over-imbibe, and some make poor choices. According to a study released in Science Daily, drunk driving related accidents soar 9.1% during Spring Break in some of this country’s top hot spots.

Police in popular coastal towns understandably want to crack down on drinking and driving during these busy holiday periods, and many have instituted aggressive DUI checkpoints and traffic stops. So, what happens if you’re arrested for DUI while on spring break in the Mobile area?

Getting Pulled Over for DUI on Spring Break

No one wants to have their spring break ruined by a DUI arrest, or worse, a crash related to DUI. However, too many college students make the choice to get behind the wheel after drinking, and the results can be far-reaching.

Just because you live out of state and got a DUI in Alabama, that doesn’t mean the consequences won’t follow you home. Most states (45 to be exact) are members of the Drivers License Compact, which is a multi-state agreement to share data regarding traffic violations, including DUIs. Yes, Alabama is a member.

If you come to Alabama and get a DUI, some of the penalties that you’ll face and laws that will apply to you include:

  • You automatically lose the right to drive in Alabama for 90 days.
  • That 90-day license suspension could be reported to your home state and enforced there.
  • Once your home state finds out about a DUI conviction, they might impose even stricter license suspensions than you would have received in Alabama, including requiring an ignition interlock device.
  • If this was not your first DUI, offenses in other states can be applied. Since look back rules vary by state, how this impacts your case can be complex.

In addition to the legal consequences of a DUI arrest in Alabama, there are many other ways that this can impact your life. If you are convicted for DUI, this is something that will be on your record for many years. It can affect your status at a college or university and even your ability to pursue the career of your choice.

Obviously, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you’re going to be in the Mobile area for spring break, just don’t drink and drive. It’s not worth it. Some tips to help you avoid these awful circumstances include:

  • Leave your car at home
  • Use ridesharing services
  • Choose your hotel strategically
  • Avoid having open containers in a vehicle
  • Choose a designated driver

Out of State DUI Clients

If your Spring Break vacation left you with an unwanted souvenir, the impact of an out of state DUI can be severe. At Darley Law, LLC we understand that unfortunate things happen and good people make mistakes. In fact, you may have been caught up in some sort of “sting” and treated unfairly by the authorities. If this is the case, we can use this information for your DUI defense.

While an out of state criminal charge is inconvenient, we promise to work with you and protect your rights as well as your precious time. If this is your first DUI offense and a trial isn’t necessary, our criminal defense attorneys may be able to resolve your case without you having to travel back to Alabama.

Depending on the circumstances of your arrest and the venue, it may be possible to reach an agreeable plea where you complete the requirements of the court in your home state and pay a fine. As your attorneys, we can appear in court without your being present, but the judge must first agree to this arrangement.

Choose the Right DUI Lawyer for an Aggressive Defense

If you’ve been charged for DUI in the Mobile area, Darley Law understands what’s at stake. We are fully prepared to handle your case so that it disrupts your life as little as possible. We will review the circumstances of your arrest and discuss your options for the most beneficial conclusion to your legal troubles.

We are always flexible with appointments and consider every client to be significant. Contact our office now at (251) 441-7772 for immediate assistance.

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