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The Importance of Challenging Illegal Searches and Seizures in Alabama

The Importance of Challenging Illegal Searches and Seizures in Alabama

The Importance of Challenging Illegal Searches and Seizures in Alabama  In the United States, citizens are protected from illegal searches and seizures. The language is contained in the U.S. Constitution in the 4th Amendment.   It reads:  The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and […]

First Offense Assault: Will it Stay on My Record?

First Offense Assault: Will it Stay on My Record?

First Offense Assault: Will it Stay on My Record? An assault charge in Alabama is a serious crime. Assault can involve a physical attack, possibly with a weapon, sexual assault, pushing someone, or even the threat of an assault.  The charges differ depending on what type of assault has been committed, and so does the […]

The Differences Between Misdemeanors and Felonies in Alabama

Misdemeanor criminal defense

You are ahead of the game if you have never dealt with the legal system. But if you are facing criminal charges, understand they are categorized in one of three ways – a felony, a misdemeanor, and a violation. That category will profoundly impact the severity of punishment. A felony means you go to prison […]

The Benefits of Hiring an Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyer Early in Your Case

Criminal Defense Lawyer, Alabama

If you are facing criminal charges in Mobile, Alabama, this is likely a frightening and confusing time. You may be confused about the legal process. Any wrong move may be irreversible. Because you have so many questions, the sooner you hire an Alabama criminal defense attorney, the better the chances you have for a favorable […]

Protecting Rights in an Era of Facial Recognition Technology

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology (FRT) is an emerging global issue, with civil rights advocates sounding the alarm over the potential loss of our right to privacy. The technology sounds like a science fiction movie – identifying an individual by measuring facial characteristics, also known as biometrics. It’s already happening. Your face is likely captured and stored […]

How Does the Use of Technology in Law Enforcement Impact Criminal Defense Strategies?

Law Enforcement Criminal Defense

Law enforcement technology has come a long way from police radios, introduced in the 1930s, which revolutionized the effectiveness of dispatching officers to the scene. Fast forward to today. DNA analysis, surveillance software, facial recognition technology, and data-driven approaches target areas where crime is likely. However, technology opens new areas for challenging a prosecutor’s case […]

Analyzing the Constitutionality of Using Facial Recognition Technology in Law Enforcement

Facial Recognition Technology

The U.S. Constitution is the fundamental charter of the United States government. It serves as a reminder that the government exists to serve its citizens. The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution protects an individual from unreasonable search or seizure. Under the Fourth Amendment, we enjoy a reasonable expectation of privacy. However, as technology advances, the […]

The Role of Expert Witnesses in a Criminal Defense Case

Expert Witnesses in Criminal Defense

Hiring expert witnesses in a criminal defense case can make the difference between winning or losing your case. Assume your jurors are not experts in the alleged criminal activity before the court. An expert can help unravel scientific, technical, and medical issues so the jurors can more easily understand the issues at hand. Under Alabama […]

The Role of a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Post-Conviction Relief and Appeals

Even with the best defense lawyer, juries and judges can be unpredictable, and they may decide you are not credible and are not telling the truth. You are now facing a conviction and prison time. A criminal defense attorney is your biggest ally at this time. Alabama stacks the deck against those accused of a […]

Key Considerations When Negotiating Plea Bargains in Criminal Cases

You are charged with a crime in Alabama.  Having an attorney by your side to advocate for your interests will help guide you during this difficult time. Your attorney will advise you during the necessary communication between the prosecutor, who hopes to prove your guilt in court, and you, the defendant. One of the most […]

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