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Charges You May Face After a Bar Fight

The combination of drinking in a bar with a rowdy crowd heightened emotions, and a sporting event can elevate to anger for no reason at all. When that happens, ordinarily peaceful people can be pulled into an altercation, resulting in an assault, injury, or even death.

Expect charges to be filed in the aftermath, even if you had very little to do with any altercation. If you are involved in a bar fight that turns ugly, Jason Darley will be your advocate to help unravel the events that led up to the event to defend your rights.

Witness Accounts

Recently, an Alabama bar fight resulted in five people initially charged with third-degree assault who had their charges later upgraded to attempted murder.

In another instance, in Gulf Shores, a witness called 911 when a bar fight ended up in the parking lot. Several people were involved.

Ultimately, a husband of a woman involved stabbed the bouncer, while another bouncer put the husband in a chokehold. The husband sustained life-threatening head injuries and later died.

These scenarios can escalate so quickly that it’s challenging to know what happened and who is responsible.

Understand Your Rights  
The people at the scene may not be helpful because bar fights can seem like a blur. Witnesses may have been drinking and not had a good view of who threw the first punch.

Combine that with individuals who may have a record of violence. If you are involved to any degree in a bar fight, have been arrested, and criminal charges are pending, Jason Darley will become your aggressive advocate. While drinking in a bar can cause people to make stupid choices, pending charges are no laughing matter.

Some of the charges you could face after a bar brawl include:

  • Disorderly Intoxication – If you become a threat to those around you and are under the influence of alcohol, the bartender or owner may ask you to leave. Police will be called if there is an incident where someone is hurt that could result in a second-degree misdemeanor involving fines or jail time.
  • Disorderly Conduct – According to Alabama law, disorderly conduct is a breach of the peace, and you can be charged with disorderly conduct. A second-degree misdemeanor charge can result.
  • Assault – An assault occurs when there is an intention or reckless intention to cause physical injury. It becomes a misdemeanor or felony assault charge according to the level of harm – first, second, or third-degree, depending on whether it was intentional, reckless, or negligent.
  • Aggravated Battery – If a weapon was involved, even a bottle or pocketknife, and there is an intent to cause serious bodily harm to another person while engaging in a bar fight, it can result in a second-degree felony.
  • Manslaughter – When a bar fight leads to the loss of life, the crime will be considered either voluntary or involuntary. Involuntary means the crime happened in the heat of the moment when someone was accidentally killed in an emotional struggle. Voluntary manslaughter means the murder was intentional while being provoked. Both forms are likely to land you in prison.

A bar fight can result in second-degree charges that can land you in prison for up to 10 years with a $5,000 fine. A fight with a gun or knife can lead to a first-degree assault and up to 25 years in prison.

Your Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Defense Attorney Jason Darley will help piece together the events to determine your involvement. Along with police reports, witness statements, and any camera evidence, the sequence of events will help determine the at-fault party.

Amid high emotions, alcohol consumption, and many individuals involved, there is much evidence to weigh in a bar fight.

Sometimes, your attorney will work to prevent charges from ever being filed. In other cases, there may be strong evidence of self-defense. Jason Darley has experience forming the best defense strategy to result in lesser offense charges, but it’s important to call as soon as you can.  

Call Criminal Attorney Jason Darley’s Mobile office at (251) 732-7058 so Mr. Darley can help form your best defense and determine if your rights have been violated.


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