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The Benefits of Hiring an Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyer Early in Your Case

If you are facing criminal charges in Mobile, Alabama, this is likely a frightening and confusing time. You may be confused about the legal process. Any wrong move may be irreversible. Because you have so many questions, the sooner you hire an Alabama criminal defense attorney, the better the chances you have for a favorable outcome.

Defending your rights in a criminal case is like a game of strategy. The prosecution must have enough evidence and confidence they’ll obtain a conviction before pressing charges. The conviction standard is beyond a reasonable doubt, which is a high standard, so if you are facing charges, the prosecutor must believe in your guilt.

If you wait to hire your criminal defense lawyer, you may be at a disadvantage playing catch-up, in other words, following their lead. Important evidence also has a tendency to disappear with the passage of time.

Criminal defense attorney Jason Darley has a proven track record of protecting your rights when facing criminal state or federal charges. He has seen countless examples of his clients benefiting by being proactive and hiring the right Alabama criminal defense lawyer early in the process. Let Attorney Darley become your biggest ally during this difficult time.


Criminal Defense in Alabama

Alabama is a state that’s very harsh on accused criminals.

  • Whether rape, kidnap, or murder, Alabama has a Felony Offender Act, which means you can be sentenced to life without parole if you are convicted of a Class A felony with three priors on your record. A Class B felony offense can bring you a life sentence.
  • There are three classes of felony in Alabama – Class A, Class B, and Class C. The first, if convicted, can bring a minimum of ten years in prison but not more than 99 years; the Class B felony will have you see anywhere from 2 to 20 years in prison; and Class C can bring up to 10 years.
  • The state is one of 27 that has the death penalty.
  • Domestic violence is a Class A felony that can bring the offender at least a year in prison with no probation or parole if there are previous convictions.
  • For drug offenses, sex offenses, or a firearms conviction, Alabama has mandatory minimum sentences that can lead to a lengthy prison term and a hefty fine.
  • Criminal penalties can be enhanced when aggravating factors are present, such as the use of a firearm during a crime or involvement in an organized crime group, including street gangs, especially if the defendant already has a record.



Your Mobile Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal defense attorney Jason B. Darley Esq. understands how to give you an advantage when facing a criminal case. What is essential is finding the evidence needed to prove your innocence. That is one reason it’s so important to contact him earlier rather than later.

Attorney Darley will interview witnesses, collect evidence from the scene, and hire an expert to testify on your behalf. In some cases, if law enforcement obtains evidence illegally, that fact will become essential in your criminal defense. Sometimes, this evidence may be enough for the prosecutor to drop the case.

Whether a traffic violation, a DUI, drug crime, sex crime, domestic violence, or violent crime, Mr. Darley also has the experience to negotiate with the prosecutor and, in some cases, have the charges reduced.

Besides being licensed in state court, Jason Darley is licensed to defend you if you are charged with federal crimes. Federal court has different statutes, rules, and regulations to navigate if your charges have been brought by a federal agency such as the DEA or FBI.

Your Alabama criminal defense attorney should be able to represent you before a federal judge and have experience in the rules and procedures of a federal court.

It takes the experience of a seasoned Alabama criminal defense attorney to navigate the courts, negotiate on your behalf, and help you craft the strategy you will need to mitigate your criminal charges.

Attorney Jason B. Darley Esq. will be your best ally as you face serious criminal charges. An initial complimentary consultation can be arranged by calling his Mobile office at (251) 441-7772.


The Benefits of Hiring an Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyer Early in Your Case

Facing criminal charges in Mobile, Alabama? Discover why hiring an Alabama criminal defense lawyer early in your case is crucial for a favorable outcome. Attorney Jason Darley has a proven track record of protecting rights in state and federal criminal cases. From evidence collection to negotiating with prosecutors, Attorney Darley will be your best ally. Contact his Mobile office at (251) 441-7772 for a complimentary consultation.

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