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How the Right DUI Lawyer Can Help Your Case

what are your rights if you are pulled over for dui

It could be one of the most important decision for your future. You went to a bar or restaurant and had a few cocktails. No big deal. You are not an alcoholic and have done it hundreds of times before. Having a drink or two with dinner is not a crime. You are not a […]

Am I Allowed to Carry a Handgun in Alabama?

can I carry a gun in Alabama?

Guns and weapons laws are strictly enforced in Alabama. The local US Attorney’s Office has built a strong reputation for establishing precedents in matters of felony possession of guns and weapons. In the absence of competent representation, you risk facing serious consequences, including significant time behind bars. Moreover, there is a chance that the prosecution […]

Types of Chemical Tests for DUI

If you are pulled over for a suspected DUI (driving under the influence), you can expect there to be a number of tests that will be given to determine if you are intoxicated. Darley Law will help you consider your options at this time, and it is advised that you take this incident seriously as […]

Mardi Gras and DUI Arrests in Mobile

mardi gras dui

The Mobile Mardi Gras 2020 celebration kicks off this winter in downtown Mobile and runs nearly the entire month ending on Fat Tuesday, February 25, 2020. That’s two-and-a half weeks of celebration for young and old in what’s known as the first known Mardi Gras in the U.S., even before New Orleans. Expect marching bands […]

How Does a DUI Affect Your Employment Status?

dui affect employment

Getting convicted of a DUI charge in Alabama can have serious consequences including license suspension/revocation, fines, and jail term. In addition to this, a DUI conviction can also have an adverse impact on your employment prospects in the state. How Does a DUI Conviction Affect Your Employment Status in Alabama? Alabama happens to be one […]

Drinking and Driving During the Holidays

drinking and driving during the holidays

The holidays are a festive time to share your joys with your loved ones, but merriment of the occasion does not give you the license to drink and drive. Alabama law enforcement agencies are extra vigilant during the days around the Christmas and New Year, but unfortunately the highest number of drinking and driving incidents […]

What are Your Rights if you are Pulled Over for DUI in Alabama?

what are your rights if you are pulled over for dui

You see the light of a police officer in your rear-view mirror. Yes, you had a cocktail or two, but you are only buzzed, not drunk, so what’s the problem? Being stopped by an officer when you have been drinking is frightening and potentially life-changing if you do not know your rights. But for now, […]

GERD Defense for DUI

gerd for dui

You are pulled over by the police. You have not been driving fast or erratically. For some reason police suspect you of DUI (Driving Under the Influence). You are asked to take a breathalyzer test that measures the amount of alcohol in your breath. You are arrested. At this point, you know you did not […]

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